Lego Sherlock Holmes figure focuses a light beam on a Lego criminal with a small magnifying glass.

Video Streaming Robot

S3CURITY robot with video and remote-control hammer.

I have many examples on my blog site of LEGO inventions hosted by either the EV3 Intelligent Brick or Raspberry Pi. But here is an example of a EV3/Pi mashup to create a robot with streaming video transmission. This robot, called S3CURITY, can be used for a mobile video platform or telepresence robot. As shown in the photo above, a hammer is part of the design to interact with objects. The EV3 part of S3CURITY is a modification of the TRACK3R robot that is featured in the Mindstorms 31313 set. Control of the EV3 is allowed by a bluetooth link to a smartphone. Video is created in the Raspberry Pi with an app called Motion Eye (, featuring a WiFi link for viewing streamed video. Power for the Raspberry Pi is taken from the USB port of the EV3 Intelligent Brick. Attachment of the Raspberry Pi setup to LEGO is made using the SmartiPi case ( Putting this all together has given me the means to stalk cats, as in the video below.