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High-Tech LEGO Chapter 1: Additional Photo Examples

Chapter 1 of High-Tech LEGO builds a device for automatically photographing wildlife, with a couple example photos in the book. Here are a few additional examples of birds visiting a feeder.

A tufted titmouse checks out the sensor.
Some birds found interest in the sensor setup, such as this tufted titmouse.

A tufted titmouse with head in feeder.
But the main attraction is, of course, the food.

Visit by a woodpecker.
The variety of birds is of interest, with a female downy woodpecker seen here.

A bird comes in for a landing.
The camera can also catch images of birds in flight.

Chickadees don't like meal worms.
Here's an experiment to see what birds eat meal worms--carolina chickadees don't like mealworms.

Titmice do eat meal worms.
But tufted titmice do like meal worms.